Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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I'm sure in your 'online travels' you've seen a number of products out there claiming to reveal the secrets behind making insane sums of money with affiliate marketing such as $100,000 per month profits - usually promoting CPA offers.

...and while I believe the claims, (because we've earned the same)... the truth is that in order to achieve these earnings, you actually need 50K to 100K in capital to generate the traffic... a cash flow that obviously most people don't have!

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This formula is about making a HUGE return on a TINY investment... and then replicating the whole thing over and over again.

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This is NOT a start to finish guide about how to use Google Adwords...

This guide is about applying fundamental marketing principles to build profitable, high value, long term businesses on the cheap using Google Adwords... then repeating the process in other networks to multiply the revenue.

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The exact landing pages being used, including all the secrets that were called upon in order to create them... and then "convert" over 15,000 people!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My name is Sam Channak, 22 year old, 1989. i have four sibling including me. 2 younger brother and 1 older sister, she has given up her school because of leak of money and need to instead of my mother. and 2 younger brother both of them are grade 10 . i'm studying Civil Engineering since 2008 until now. the first day i came to PP with no relative and no home to stay.but now i have received scholarship from ACE ( Attitude Centre for Education) Location in Toul Tompong Pagoda. i got this scholarship since the first of septemer 2009. My life have been improvement from that. Thank so much. all your support